Top 10 Tips for How to Rent an Apartment in Paris (Full Guide)

Paris, City of light and land of beauty one of the best places in the globe to live in or to enjoy you vacation, living in the French capital of Paris is an exciting way to dive into the French lifestyle.

Although the city is home to over two million people, many districts (called arrondissements) retain their traditional charms, including regular food markets, charming cafés and independent bakeries.

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Capital of fashion and land of art the heaven on earth is called Paris.

Accordingly it is not that easy to rent a place in Paris as the rental market is way too difficult, and even more so for expats.

Apartments disappear within minutes of being advertised and profiteering landlords will happily charge 600€/month for a 10m² hovel.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, problems occur that will put you at a disadvantage to the thousands of French people also desperately hunting for a flat, not least the fact that the majority of Paris landlords demand a France-based guarantor.

So to stop you ending up spending your gap year sleeping under a tree on the Champ de Mars, We will put together some top tips that should help get you ahead of the pack in your hunt for the perfect Paris pad.

#1 : Judge Call

Hunting a rent depends on 4 major points:

1- Size: Studio, one bed room and one bathroom is the most numerous there so it will be much easier to find with variation.

So it will never be so hard to find a good studio, but if you are coming along with your family or friends a studio will not be an option.

You will have to start looking for two or three bedrooms apartment and of course it will cost you more but cost can be dividable if you are coming along with friends.

2- Amenities: specific amenities are costly but sometimes it deserve paying for it (i.e. air conditioning, multiple bathrooms, separate washer and dryer , elevator, balcony, view, specific bed configurations)

Landlords will make you pay for every single option added so make sure to request only what is need able.

3- Budget: If you are visiting Paris for tourism, long time vacation or even for work you have to make sure to spend your money wisely so you decide what budget you can afford for a rent as the lower cost for a monthly rental at Paris is about 600 Euros.

4- Location: Location—Paris has 20 arrondissements (districts), starting with the 1st in the center and spiraling outward. The lower numbered arrondissements are generally the most central for sightseeing. The arrondissements can be determined by the postal code (75001=1st; 75002=2nd, etc.).
Many people enjoy staying in St. Germain (6th), the Latin Quarter (5th), or the Marais (3rd & 4th) for a first visit, as these locations are walking distance to many of the sites and close to the Seine for lovely strolls and a very Parisian feel. Other districts shouldn’t be discounted, however, as all are accessible to the sights (with a little longer metro ride). Each neighborhood within these arrondisements has their own personality, and they all have cafes, boulangeries, shops and metro stops.

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#2 : Nine Square Meter Only!!

Do you know that landlords can rent apartments with less than nine square meters of habitable space?

So never get surprised with the space if you are hunting for a lower cost all what you are going to care for is a bed and bathroom

But you have to take care as many of landlords are flouting the law so never feel ashamed to take a measuring tape all around with you while hunting your flat and don’t be afraid to report him or her to the town hall.

#3 : First come First serve

Most of landlords are operating on first come first serve basis so make sure to be quick of the mark as the Paris market is notorious for the speed at which apartments get snapped up so you need to be quick to be in with a chance.

Whenever possible visit an apartment immediately.

#4 : Old School OR Modern School

Searching for your new apartment can be done through searching in newspapers and street ads and I call this old school search.

The new school search is through the internet it’s much easier with lot of options and you can specify your search and needs to go directly to your needs.

But I recommend using both, mixing your hands together is always a favorite option.

For searching online here below the most popular websites you can use:

#5 : Illegal discrimination and one secret tip

Of course it’s illegal for the landlords to discriminate against non EU renters and if you faced any discrimination you can go ahead to town hall.

So all what you have to do if you are serious about an apartment is to get all your financial documents along with your personal information immediately and give him or her a complete dossier.

Try to be memorable and as a secret tip you can always include a personal photo along with your documents to make your face memorable to the landlord while reviewing your documents.

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#6 : Universities rush time

With more than 10 universities among Paris you really have to avoid searching for an apartment from September till November, Even if you have a budget and know where you want to live, arriving in from September till November is the worst – every other student in Paris arrives between the end of August and the end of September, and it’s a sellers’ market. You’ll be competing with at least a dozen students – if not up to 50 – most of whom have family in Europe who can guarantee that the rent will be paid.

#7 : Walk around to the apartment

Check out the neighborhood as you’re walking to the apartment, noting how close the grocery stores, and restaurants are. Is it close to public transportation? How many metro lines and buses are nearby? Is this a place you’d want to live for couple of months? Just because you know it’s going to be hard to find an apartment doesn’t mean you should settle for living in a place you don’t like.

#8 : Not all Amenities are costly comparing to value

Laundry facilities as an example Many machines are a combination washer/dryer together in one unit. Some apartments have only a washer, and you will need to hang dry your laundry. Still other apartments have separate washers and dryers. Combination units may require removing half the load to dry sufficiently. Please don’t bring laundry products from home—you risk damaging the equipment. European machines operate differently, and the water in Paris is especially hard, so use the products provided or purchase locally. If your apartment doesn’t have laundry facilities, you will have to Google “laveries libre-service” near the address, and go to the nearest coin laundry.

#9 : Narrow Search

After listing suitable apartments by the end of doing your research to find your future apartment of course you will end up to few results so start contacting landlords or agencies to ask them all questions needed before scheduling a visit.

#10 : Reserve It

Once you have chosen an apartment, ask about how to reserve it as usually you have to send your reservation by email. Most landlords or agencies want a deposit upon booking (50% is common). Some will want full payment before you arrive, and others take your final payment at check in. Make sure you to use a credit card, to have some protection in case there is a misunderstanding or fraud.

Remember cash is not traceable also you have to make sure you understand and are willing to accept whatever the cancellation policy and deposit refund policy is.

Make sure to discuss arrival dates, delays may occur so always be ready and flexible.


Finally always remember that renting is easier if you don’t have to rush, give yourself more time for researching to find the best results.

Don’t pay anything before discussing all terms and to make sure that everything is working.

Make sure to get a contact with someone who can talk your language in case of emergency.

Even if it’s hard to find an apartment in Paris but remember that this will be the place where do you live in so don’t rush and don’t accept less than expected.

Also don’t forget to enjoy the city of light its joy able more than you can expect.

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