The Most Beautiful Tourist Places in Turkey

Turkey is considered as one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, where it is occupies the 6th position in the most attractive tourists countries in the world.

Turkey attract around 30 million tourists from all over the world every year.

Turkey have this ranked position  due many factors like it’s location between Asia and Europe, it’s great history, varied cultures, amazing landscapes over the Mediterranean sea, it’s spectacular weather and moderate tourist cost.

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The most beautiful tourist places in Turkey:

– Istanbul

Istanbul the capital of Turkey, eastern tourist city.
Istanbul the capital of Turkey, eastern tourist city.


It is the first station to discover Turkey and it is considered a good introduction for the civilization, history and people of Turkey. this big city is full of history, museums, mosques and monuments.

If you visit this city never forget to have a tour in Aya Sofia the Cathedral which converted into a mosque then a museum, Grand Bazaar, the blue mosque , Spices market and Chora Church which it’s history last for Constantine.

And of course you should not finish your visit in Istanbul without visiting Taksim square as it is the center of restaurants, bazaars and nightclubs with it’s different types.

– Antalya



Antalya characterized by its amazing natural beauty as it is located between Taurus mountains and the Mediterranean sea. and it is from the most important tourist cities in Turkey.

It is full of restaurants overlooking the sea, cafés, huge trading centers and complexes and spectacular beaches.

– Pamukkale


The meaning of the word Pamukkale is ”the cotton citadel” in the Turkish language.

Although it looks like hills of ice and frozen blue water, in the fact it is white sand and warm ponds in Summer and Winter formed due to a volcanic activity, Pamukkale is considered as a Spa center for recreation from the Roman ages.

The visitors of this natural wonder come from everywhere in the world to enjoy the mineral springs with mineral-rich water with therapeutic properties and to see the spectacular view will not see it anywhere else in the world.

– Cappadocia



If you visit Cappadocia you will feel like you are in a fiction world or in the surface of a planet in the space.

You will find there homes in the shape of caves in the rocks, huge rocks in the cone shape scattered everywhere and other rocks looks like ghost’s homes.

In addition a full city is underground and it will be a magic experience in an airship above this fictional world.

In addition there is the open museum and some hotels which serve the experience of sleeping in one of the cone rocks homes looks like Smurfs homes. and have a tour in the valley of love and flowers and see the rock columns.

The most suitable times to visit Turkey:

Generally Spring and Autumn is suitable to visit Turkey when the moderate weather and lower tourist crowding and the prices of the tourist reservation is lower by 20%.

– Spring:

April till mid of June… It is suggested to reserve in an sufficient early time as in this time hotels are full of tourists

Mid June to Mid September… the western beaches of Turkey will be overcrowded and prices will be very high so it is advised to visit Istanbul and eastern Anatolia.

– Autumn:

Mid September to October… it is recommended to visit Istanbul, eastern Anatolia and coastal resorts and beaches.

November to March… the south east region is recommended as it is the most moderate and acceptable places in the Winter season also prices of tourist reservation decrease in a remarkable manner.

The most important cultural festivals in Turkey:

– whirling dervish festival

whirling dervish festival is held in Konya city, Dervishes center Dervish in memory of the good jurist and scientist and poet Galal Eldeen Elromy

dead in 1273. He is the founder of Sufi Dervishes famous of Sufi dance and spiritual, and still his poems the master of zikr, dances and opens them to this day.

– Izmir International Festival

The festival is held in different regions of Izmir, attended by artists from various countries of the world, with their different arts, of theater and drama, music and diverse fields of global literature.

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