How to Rent a Property in The UK in Steps. Full Guide

Getting ready to start a new life in the UK ?

Excellent choice. Yet before u take the leap of faith….

 Make sure you are ready

Its enough as a start to say that, if you try thinking like the typical son of the pharaohs coming from mother of all lands honoring little land of the foreign by staying in their premises where you drink their Ale, eat their Steak and …. Buy their houses ?!

Well, think again. Cause you are about to become the laughing stock of people for quite a few decades to come.

Assuming you held yourself up that long before crying back home penniless of course.

Well, It’s simply as that…

Rule one: Never ever put up your hopes as to buy a house in UK, why ?

‘Cause it`s so DAMN expensive and you probably gonna spend the rest of your life paying installments and spending the rest of your well-earned dimes on repairments.

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What else left to do then ??

“RENT.”  Yes, it’s exactly as you read it, and no, it’s not as you think. It’s actually the right thing to do unless you are a ridiculously wealthy Arabian prince or son of the maharaja.

And don’t worry, everybody does it so u will hardly feel yourself special.

K then, so much for the intro. Now we make go for when the fruits are finally ripe.

How to rent some place to stay in UK ?

Its surprisingly easy to be honest, yet as easy as it is… there are sure some rules to follow. We put them down in numbers. Yet before we start, here are some common expressions you are quite likely to meet as you are taking your first Renting steps in the world :X

Hit the ground running: That will be your state since you land in London international airport till you finally are sleeping in your first self-owned bed with the nice shipping bill in your pocket still feels warm 😛

Accommodation: Every nice bed needs a little nice room in a little nice flat where you are gonna stay right ? 😉

Agent/landlord: These are the ones whose job is to rob u off for the rest of your coming years when you keep on wondering “what the heck was wrong with my cozy little room back there at home ?? At least I didn’t have to pay to find a place to sleep” 😀

Deposit Dose/Holding Deposit: That’s the money you pay for the landlord or the agent to confirm your offer (will explain later on) so you don’t find yourself actually screwed and with no deal at hand and no roof over your head. “English is a man of his word”no he is not, money talks baby.

Documentation: That’s the paper work required by the landlord as proof you can actually pay your rent regularly and smoothly, the papers which you have almost none of them since you are a new comer… Tsk! Big deal.

Tenant: That the sorry *** ATM you sir !

Contract/Tenancy agreement: That’s your marriage statement to the landlord. Sorry, Couldn’t find any more simple words to describe it.

Now that we covered the intro and we had a hell fun time explaining the meanings of some of the most important terms used for that matter, here comes the easiest part of all.


How to Rent a Property in The UK in steps:

  1. Start looking for accommodation on the internet: usually this part holds all the fancy pics n the agency place and addresses and phone numbers. It’s vital. Don’t miss it.
  2. Decide where exactly you are staying in UK, supposedly London. : This part pretty much depends on why you are in the UK in the first place; is it job or study or tourism and so on, why this is important is that you need to understand a little fact here.

    There are always 3 rules defines your staying in UK since it’s not your average home town, so wondering off without a plan will come bite u back on the ares if you’re not careful. These rules are Budget, Transportation, and space.

    And these three key rules are how you are going to decide where exactly is gonna be your new neighborhood. The English almost prefer to stay next to their studying or working grounds for that matter, so don’t try be any smarter than the natives are.

  3. Contact the agents or the landlords through their on-line adverts, check if the property they are advertising is available, and if you can arrange a “viewing” : you made preparations, you have the data, don’t be shy.

Start asking all the questions u need to ask such as when the flat will become available, what is the minimum contract time span, what documentations u need to have with you, does your flat include furniture or not, what bills you responsible for, who are the neighbors, how is the neighborhood ….. etc.

  1. Make an offer: That part pretty much depends on what we know it here as “the season” that’s the time when you expect the prices to by sky high or the other way around, its simply because you need to know the renting price is always negotiable, that doesn’t mean the landlord will always be willing to lower the price for your sake, so be careful don`t try to push your luck that far, the English are known to be short tempered and rejecting.
  2. Now comes the smoothie, The holding Deposit, The pounds Sterling man .Just be careful Richie rich, it’s a 1 week worth of your monthly payment contract, and its non-refundable :/ so make sure u made the right decision before the cash leaves the pocket with no coming back.
  3. Time for the meeting, get you Documentations ready.
  4. You are about to sign ? Read cautiously what you are about to sign first; cause once you sign this becomes a legally binding document, in other words, we r married for life .

    Also it’s a must you ask for a copy of the tenancy agreement/contract before signing cause the terms are still negotiable at this point.

  5. Know what and when you need to pay: and here you need to be very careful cause; sometimes the price offered is per week, some other times its per month, so keep your eyes peeled.

    Also, at this point the landlords requires the insurance payment or the Deposit which usually rounds about 1 month to 6 weeks paid in advance.That money, however, is fully refundable once the contract comes to an end and there shouldn’t be any damage caused to the premises.

    The money is paid directly to the landlord or via the agent which in terms deliver the money to the landlord once the contract is signed by both parties.

    Should this done, a copy of the contract is held by the Tenancy Deposit scheme which is a government run scheme that will deal with any disputes over the deposit when the tenancy comes to an end.

  6. Get the key: this is when you meet the landlord in person and it holds one last condition which is the “Inventory” of the property making a note of the contents and condition, this will be held by either the landlord personally or the agent.Should have already been agreed on at that point. Then you are finally ready to enjoy your new apartment.
  7. Paying your rent: This will be agreed when you check in but generally it will be monthly and you will pay by standing order from your bank account directly to the landlord or to the agency.

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