First time to Spain? Check the Best Time to Visit Spain “Weather Wise”

Spain, one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Europe.

Spain authentic beaches raucous holidays also draw plenty of tourism. The climate varies by region, making the appeal of travel to certain parts of the country highly dependent on seasonal conditions.

There’s no perfect time to visit, but a little planning can go a long way in enhancing the overall experience of a trip to Spain.

Below we will try to help you to plan for your next trip to Spain.

  • Winter Time


If you are planning to go on a winter trip to Spain your destination must be at Southern Spain

From Algeciras to Malaga is the most popular coast at winter, Temperatures reaching a warm range from 60°F to 63°F (16°-17°C).

But Madrid gets colder, recorded as low as 34°F (1°C).

If you are carving for a warmer place at this time of year you will head directly to Majorca as temperature usually around 50°F( low teens Celsius), But it often dips into around 40°F(single digit Celsius).

You have to avoid the mountain resorts at this time of year as you can experience extreme cold there.

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  • Summer Time


When it comes to summer time and you are carving for coasts, beaches and night life, even if it’s hot all over Europe but you still can enjoy your time at the northern coast.

San Sebastián is a good bet both for the fantastic food, the climate (the Spanish go up to this coast in summer to escape the heat), the landscapes, the beaches

Bilbao, a great city to be there at summer time.

You can also explore the islands – Whether you go to Ibiza to party or to the Canaries to relax, Spain has some of the most beautiful islands in Europe. During the months of July and August, they are the fullest and the most expensive.

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  • Fall Time


From September to November, the best time to travel of course if you don’t have a school child it’s easily one of the best times of year, autumn has lovely weather and beautiful sights.

You will enjoy all the beautiful sights, coasts and museums and you will avoid crowds too.

Strongly it is recommended to be at Spain at this time of year as you can book cheap flights and stay too.

You can go see the changing fall colors and 500-year-old trees in Faedo de Ciñera. Visit the Chestnut Festival at the end of October then go foraging for wild mushrooms with the locals.

Beginning in early September, it is time to taste test the year’s wine harvest. You can visit the bodegas of the Rioja and Ribera for some of the most amazing wine you’ll ever have. It’s definitely a trip that should be on any wine lover’s bucket list.

But before booking your flight and hotel accommodation you have to remember that there are many weather sites that will give one the average temperatures by month or even a specific date for every city in Spain, and some websites can help you to know what to pack and what to wear at each time of a day.

It is best to check them before making travel plans. Be careful of traveling during winter, especially if you are driving. Try always to avoid passing around mountains passes as it could suddenly get closed and having chains is very important to have in a car.

It makes no sense to travel to places like Leon, Burgos, Vitoria, Pamplona, and Logroño during winter. They get very cold and have much snow and ice. Not all of Spain is sunny all year long. Check the weather for each place you want to visit before making travel plans.

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