Best Real Estate Companies In Saudi Arabia

Stretched out area, a massive land area sprawling from the Red Sea to the Arabian Gulf, one of the biggest Arab countries and the biggest Gulf country in respect of area.

Hence, Saudi Arabia holds high potential for forthcoming real estate boom expected to take place in the coming period especially in the Kingdom’s main cities like Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam.

Many national real estate companies in all the field’s sectors emerged lately to take part in the market flourish established either by national, Arabian, or foreign investment.

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After a deep market review we came out with a brief list combining the best real estate companies operating in Saudi Arabia to stand as a guide for investors willing to enter the fervent market of the Kingdom.

List Of Best Real Estate Companies In Saudi Arabia:

1- Aqary

A leading real estate marketing agency that owns an online portal to promote its exclusively featured real estate products.

The website is user friendly, has a controllable interface, and offers blogs that include tips and market analyses.

Aqary was assigned to market a number of top-tier residential communities including Al-Jazirah Villas in Riyadh, Al-Yasmin Villas located North Riyadh, and Al Yarmouk Scheme in Al Kharj.

2- Esimsar

Real estate marketing website featuring various services for real estate investors searching the internet for the best real estate products.

Esimsar is an affiliate of the renowned Emirati real estate marketing website “Propertyfinder” in KSA.

The website was launched in 2014 under the umbrella of Propertyfinder and it’s now one of the most in the Kingdom displaying attractive scattered properties besides exclusive projects like for example Rafal Tower, Ewaan residential community, and Al Rabia Community.

3- Bin Laden

When talking about real estate developers, Bin Laden is considered the biggest in KSA operating for more than 60 years and achieving countless success stories.

Bin Laden was commissioned many of the governmental real estate and infrastructure projects, not to mention numerous expansion projects for both holy mosques of Mecca and Medina.

Bin Laden stature as a leading real estate developer was bit disturbed by the crane accident which took place in the holy mosque of Mecca and took the lives of many pilgrims, however, still it’s considered one of finest in KSA and the whole Arab region.

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4- Saudi Oger

Bin Laden’s main rival in real estate developing realm. The value of Saudi Oger’s in process building contracts is estimated to be 2.2 billion dollars.

The company was established in 1978 by the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al Hariri who was assassinated more than 7 years ago.

The company is currently a number of key projects including Madinah Airport expansion project and King Abdullah Economic City Railway Station.

5- Bin Saedan

Another top real estate developer in KSA, works in developing and selling land plots, establishing residential communities and commercial centers, and investing in real estate affiliated activities.

The company was founded by the Saudi businessman Abdullah Bin Mohammed Bin Saedan in 1974 to develop and sell residential units.

Bin Saedan bureau is now a group of companies engaged in many real estate affiliated activities including marketing, developing, and investing. The company is known for featuring affordable housing solutions and easy payment schemes to facilitate Saudis ownership of their houses.

6- Olaya Real Estate

A leading properties construction firm which succeeded in developing millions of square meters in many areas around Riyadh since its establishment in 1986.

The company is considered one of the pioneering developers that contributed in raising many of Riyadh’s urban districts like Olaya, Al Murabba’, and Al Maathar.

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