Best Real Estate Companies In Dubai Emirate

Dubai City is growing in an unprecedented pace, even unparalleled in any of the world’s most fervent and center cities.

The amount of tourists heading to visit the city is growing day after day, the number of recreational venues, the unstoppable construction cranes working along the hour, and the aspiring political leadership that draws comprehensive plans envisaging the city’s future as it is present.

All these factors, and even more, urged the world’s largest construction companies to take part and invest in the city’s real estate market, not to mention the national Emirati investors from inside and outside Dubai.

We tried to combine the best real estate companies in Dubai Estate, so if you considering investing in its real estate market you better check these companies.

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Best Real Estate Companies In Dubai

1- Emaar

Emaar is a giant real estate developer that launched from Dubai and now executes a myriad of projects scattered around 3 continents.

It has subsidiary companies operating in many Arab countries like Emaar King Abdullah Economic City in Saudi Arabia and Emaar Masr in Egypt.

All Emaar projects have one standard of quality and luxury. They stand as real estate landmarks with their sumptuous architecture and designs wherever they are.

The company was established in 1997 in Dubai and now it has around 10,000 employees. Emaar Chairman is Mohamed Al Abbar the famour Emirati businessman.


2- Wasl Properties

A leading property management company operating within the boundaries of Dubai Emirate. Wasl Properties was established in 2008 to manage the assets owned by Wasl Group.

The company’s properties portfolio includes around 25 thousand properties scattered in many regions around Dubai including Al Karamaa, Al Barshaa, Jumeirah, Um Al Romoul, and many other areas.

The company features selling and leasing services for Wasl Group massive portfolio that includes wide array of properties of different categories and scales.


3- Better Homes

A leading properties marketing agency in Dubai which selects the best properties to display for customers.

Better Homes selection of properties is customized according to a special criteria in order to make sure that the picked properties will gain users’ admiration.

The company was established in 1986 in Dubai to satisfy the market’s need of professional real estate marketers back then.

The company expanded its work to include other cities in UAE and around the Gulf region as it now employ are 500 people.


4- Sama Dubai

Sama Dubai the real estate arm of Dubai Holding Company established by Dubai government.

The company is engaged in developing various properties projects in many countries around the world including Dubai.

Sama Dubai portfolio contains many real estate landmarks of exotic designs and architecture like for example Dubai Towers projects, Dubai Towers in Doha, The Lagoons project in Dubai, Amwaj project in Morocco, and many other projects.


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5- Nakheel Properties

Another master developer in Dubai executing modern schemes of structure depicting the latest engineering and architecture trends.

Nakheel is engaged in various fields of real estate either hospitality, residence, recreation, or business.

Its portfolio teems with many magnificent projects like Jumeirah Palm, The World Island, Jumeirah Village, Jumeirah Heights, and many other.

The total area of Nakheel projects is estimated to be 14 thousand hectares inhabited by 130,000 people.


6- Schon Properties

An international real estate developer that has a company based in Dubai executing a number of top-tier real estate projects.

Schon Properties main projects are residential communities scattered in DIP (Dubai Investments Park) like for example Lily Residence, Lotus Residence, and Rowan Residence.


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