Best 7 Real Estate Companies in Bahrain Kingdom

Looking to get a quick overview about the flourishing real estate market of Bahrain Kingdom, check out our list for the best real estate companies operating within Bahrain boundaries.

Countless companies are taking part nowadays in Bahrain to exploit the real estate boom happening in the Kingdom.

We put the market under scrutiny for a while and followed up with its latest updates to put our hands on the top real estate companies engaged in Bahrain.

Our list consist of real estate investors, marketers, developers, and consultants gathered with total impartiality and objectiveness to support investors’ decision making process.

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1- Pegasus

Pegasus is one of the top real estate marketing agencies that delves into Bahrain market to get the best options for its users.

Adapting the most recent marketing methodologies the company thrives to meet its customers’ expectations and aspirations.

Last October, the company was chosen as the best real estate consulting firm by a prestigious real estate forum in London due to its efforts in marketing Juffair Heights and Galleria projects in Bahrain.

2- Dadabhai Construction

In Africa and Arabia International Awards Summit, Dadabhai Construction received the top award in construction sector for its project “Juffair Heights” taking place in Juffair district, Bahrain.

The award comes to coronation the company’s efforts in developing the existing urban reality of Bahrain by integrating top quality construction projects like Juffair Heights and other.

The company is a part of Dadabhai Group established in Bahrain in the early 1950s to be one of Bahrain’s business firms operating in various economic sectors including construction, retail, tourism, and hospitality.

3- Bin Faqeeh

A new giant of real estate developing operating in Bahrain Kingdom. With a comparatively recent birth, Bin Faqeeh succeeded in building a formidable reputation based on its magnificent accomplishments in real estate realm.

Since establishment in 2008, Bin Faqeeh launched numerous properties landmarks centered in the most fervent districts of Bahrain including The Storm building in Juffair, The Breaker in Seef, The Nest in Sanabis, and Water Bay project which is still under construction in Bahrain Bay.

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4- Weetas Real Estate

Weetas trusts internet and new technology and believes in their capability of growing a formidable base of customers.

It believes also in integrating new marketing methods and modern technology with extended experience and skilled team members to create distinguishing work.

With relatively new mindset Weetas launched its operations to market various real estate landmarks in Bahrain.

Achieving huge success the company gained positive reputation and grew its base of customers to be one of Bahrain’s finest real estate marketing firms.

Still Weetas has more to offer, with new projects exclusively undertaken by the company it pledges to yet create more prodigious online marketing campaigns to stand out from its counterparts in the market and set a new course in real estate marketing realm.

5- Naseej

Fully-integrated construction and infrastructure company engaged in design and master planning, development and construction, building components, mortgage facilitation, and asset management.

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